Our solutions

HoSt Group provides an extensive range of renewable energy technology solutions designed to enhance efficiency and sustainability across various sectors.

One-stop solution

Bright Renewables offers systems for biogas upgrading, biomethane liquefaction (bio-LNG), biomethane compression (bio-CNG), carbon capture, CO2 liquefaction, Energy as a Service, and renewable gas trade services, optimizing renewable energy production and management. HoSt specializes in biogas plants, RDF/waste-fired and wood-fired boiler plants, components/repowering/spare parts, gasifiers, and Heat as a Service. HyGear focuses on (bio)hydrogen technologies, featuring electrolyzers, steam methane reformers, and De.OXO, gas purification/recycling, and nitrogen/oxygen air separation, enabling reliable, affordable, on-site, and on-demand (bio)hydrogen.

Energy for any industry

The HoSt Group provides renewable energy solutions tailored to various industries for enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Our biogas plants and Microferm systems serve agriculture, while electrolyzers support the flat glass industry. Hydrogen technology is used in metal sintering, annealing, and food hydrogenation. Wood-fired boiler plants cater to wood processing, greenhouses, and saw mills, while RDF-fired and waste-fired boiler plants are ideal for paper, packaging, and paper mills. Carbon capture technology supports gas-fired boiler plants, cement kilns, lime kilns, chemical plants, and fuel cells. Biogas plants and upgrading systems serve wastewater treatment and landfills, the food industry, and any sector with waste steams, and CO2 liquefaction benefits the food, beverage, cement, and refrigerating sectors. The transport sector relies on hydrogen and biomethane liquefaction (bio-LNG), and district heating benefit from wood-fired boiler plants.

We serve diverse customers including those seeking sustainable energy and waste management solutions. Project developers use our advanced technologies for cutting-edge infrastructure. Company owners improve their operations with our renewable energy solutions. Sustainability managers leverage our expertise for innovative technologies. Companies with residual streams adopt our waste management solutions, and government agencies rely on our products to meet sustainability goals. Each customer benefits from our tailored, high-tech solutions for optimized energy production and management.