Our company

We are a family company and global leader in renewable energy technology since 1991, delivering reliable and adaptable energy solutions worldwide through complete high-tech energy systems, add-on technologies, and Energy as a Service.

Our history

HoSt Group was founded in 1991 through a joint venture between Holec Projects and Stork, two renowned energy system suppliers, with its first office located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Today, HoSt is a global leader in renewable energy technology with a team of over 500 employees. Established by Herman Klein Teeselink, the company remains a thriving family-owned business, with Jelle Klein Teeselink joining the management team in 2020 to continue the family legacy. HoSt is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands and has offices across seven countries, including in the US and throughout Europe, along with a large manufacturing facility in Poland.

One group, one mission

HoSt Group is a global industry leader in renewable energy technology. The company’s holistic approach to energy technology creates a synergistic infrastructure that boosts efficiency, reduces costs, enhances sustainability, and ensures reliability, making it a robust solution for modern energy needs in any industry. This synergy enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes sustainability.

Integrated renewable energy solutions

HoSt Group supplies complete high-tech energy systems, add-on technologies, and offers Energy as a Service, providing comprehensive solutions for modern energy challenges. Centralized management, modular design, and real-time optimization ensure reliability and adaptability. This approach minimizes environmental impact and supports long-term operational stability. The synergy of our advanced technologies and in-house expertise across all systems results in enhanced efficiency, seamless integration, and superior performance, providing robust and sustainable energy solutions.